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Theth, Heart of the Albanian Alps - Discover the pristine beauty of nature and experience the hospitality of local families

One of the most natural beauties in Albania is the waterfall of Grunas, a protected state monument.


The “National Park of Theth” lies into the center of the Albanians Alps, between the block “Bjeshket e Nëmuna” on the west, and the block of Jezerca on the east. Thethi is a tourist – alpinist region and it is the most important one north of the country.


It is only 70 km away from the city of Shkodra. The park is surrounded from all four angles with pitons (rocky) of the two blocks above, which ascend down towards the valley and create an amazing view.

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Some of the most astonishing peaks of this national park are the following: The peak of Radoines (2570m), Arapit (2217m), Paplukës (2569m), Alisë (2471m). Hanging 750–800 meters below within the valley stretches the pictorial village of Theth. The walks through the National Park provide the possibility to familiarize yourself with the natural and cultural resources.


In this village you can stay up to one week and still is not enough to enjoy all the nice places.

What to do?

Thethi has a wonderful landscape which is favorable for all kinds of activities such as: Hiking &Excursions, Climbing, Water activities (fishing,swimming, rowing), Mountain cycling, Speleology and rock climbing, Camping.

Visit any of the following point of Attraction:

Where to sleep?

Through the wild and wonderful mountains there are located some typical houses which are spread throughout the valley of Thethi and in all parts of the village. You have also the possibility to camp around this guesthouses. From Thethi you can enjoy the panoramic views of all other mountains that are the most beautiful Alps in all Europe. (Mund te marresh ca info nga keta


There are 3 main guesthouses:



For more info: http://www.thethi-guide.com/akomodime.php)


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What to eat?

The local guests house offer traditional, fresh, biological dishes such as:


How to get here?

By air:

Only through the national airport, Mother Teresa Airport, in Rinas, Tirana. The airport is connected with direct lines and daily flights throughout Europe, operating both in summer and winter.
Line bus: Rinas Airport - Tirana Center.

By car:

Hani i Hotit (Montenegro) – Shkoder – Theth. 
Qafe Morine (Kosovo) – Kukes – Milot – Shkoder – Theth. 
Qafe Prush (Kosovo) – Tropoje – Qafe Mali – Vau Dejes – Shkoder – Theth. 
Qafe Prush (Kosovo) – Tropoje – Koman (traveling by ferry through the lake of Koman) – Shkoder – Theth. 
Qafe Thane (Macedonia) – Elbasan – Tirane – Shkoder – Theth. 
Port of Durres (Italy) – Durres – Tirane – Shkoder – Theth. 
Kakavije (Grecce) – Gjirokaster – Fier – Tirane – Shkoder – Theth. 
Kapshtice (Grecce) – Korce – Elbasan – Tirane – Shkoder – Theth.

Public Transport

• From Tirana to Shkoder: 98 km, 1.5 h.
a) Bus station near by the Train station of Tirana.
b) Van station near by Zogu i Zi crossroads .

• From Shkodra to Thethi: 72 km, 3 h .
c) Thethi vans station , vans of 8 to 10 places, in Rus area.


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