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Visit the antiques remainings of Apollonia, Bylis and Ardenica

Fier, one of the largest urban centers in Albania, is located in a favorable geographical position, with a rich historical heritage, including old civilization remains such as: ApolloniaBylis, and Ardenica


Located in Albania’s southwestern plain, Fier is located only 18 km away from the Adriatic sea and some of the most picturesque beaches in Albania such as Seman, Hidrovor, Darezeze, and Divjake.  The area also offers some of the richest lagoons in the country. These lagoons host diversified flora as well as regional and migratory birds including some rare species.

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The city is crossed by three rivers, Gjanica, Seman, and Vjosa, which offer great potential for hunting and other sport activities. The waters of these rivers are exploited for irrigation and are one of the major factors for the abundance of agricultural production in Fieri district.


Proximity to the coast and to the three rivers influence its favorable climate.  A rich and long tradition paired with modern values and technology makes Fier the largest producer of natural and organic agricultural products in Albania.


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What to eat?

Typical dishes of this region include: turkey with dressing, duck (or chicken) with rice, barbecued chicken, chicken with rosnica,  stuffed veal, veal and rice casserole, veal and potatoes casserole,  duck with potatoes,  stuffed peppers (or tomatoes) with rice,  skewered lamb, barbecue meats, “meze” salad,  and japrak. 


Fish is very popular as Fier is located close to the seaside.  Several popular types served at restaurants include Barbun, Sepie, Koce,  Qefull, and Shrimp.  Some famous desserts include baklava, sultiaç, and revani.


How to get here?

By air:

The closest airport to Fier is located 96 km north in the capital, Tirana. It is the Mother Theresa International Airport. The airport has 13 airlines flying to more than 32 locations, so it can be easily reached from anywhere in the world. From the airport, you can go either direct to Fier or to Fier via Tirana.


By sea:

There are international ferry services to three Albanian ports, but Durres and Vlora have regular services from Italy and are closest to Fier.

Durres Port has connections to:

Bari (Italy), and the travel time is either 3 or 9 hours depending on the ferry

Ancona (Italy), and the travel time is 18 hours

Trieste (Italy), and the travel time is 24 hours

Some of the companies which provide ferries to the port of Durres are: Cemar Agency Network (website and Venezia lines (website ), Adria Ferries, Ilion Lines, Azzurra Lines etc.

Vlora Port has connections to:

Brindisi (Italy), and the travel time is in the range of 5-8 depending on the ferry and the direction of the trip.

Some of the companies which provide ferries to the port of Vlora include: Agoudimos Lines, Skenderbeg Lines, Red Star Ferries etc.



By road:

The main border crossings into Albania are from Montenegro, Kosova, Macedonia, and Greece. Following are the international bus routes:

From Ulqin, Montenegro to Tirana via Shkoder

From Prishtina, Kosove to Tirane via Prizreni, Kosove

From Tetove, Macedonia to Tirane via Debar, Macedonia

From Thessalonica, Greece to Tirane via Korce, Albania

From Ioannina and Athens, Greece to Tirane, via Kakavia, Greece.

Route 5 allows a direct route to Fier as the bus travels through Fier on its way to Tirana. You will need to change buses in Tirana if you come via Routes 1-4.

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